DBX Guideline


Decentralized Binary Options Exchange
The DBX Platform is a Decentralized Binary Options Exchange that purchases cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin by utilizing a high leverage in a short period.
The trading data acquired trading transparency by synchronizing the real-time market price of BTCUSDT’s futures trading on the Binance exchange. Moreover, bu utilizing this real-time data, the users will choose either Buy/Long or Sell/Short for a minute, and either the profit or loss will be confirmed after the position closes automatically.
We noticed previous binary options services have a manipulation problem that polluted the market, and we decided to utilize BTCUSDT futures trading on Binance to solve this con of previous services and decontaminate the polluted market. Moreover, we are exposing every asset for the operation through the contract.
Moreover, we are exposing every asset for the operation through the contract. This solution helps investors to have a clear decision and able to check the vigor strength of the platform. The vigor-strength of the platform will be the most important point of action to create a healthy stimulation element. Although the vigor strength wouldn’t guarantee a daily upward direction, this sure will help the trading of DBX Token to get vitalized by functioning as the stimulation element of buy/sell towards DBX Token investors.
Other than the Binary Options Trading, the DBX Platform will also provide a system that the general investors can participate in the index asset of the platform. This swap system provides the DLP token by participating in the USDT swap for the index asset investment and adjusting to the ratio of the participation period. DLP Token will not get listed on the exchange. The function of the DLP Token is to swap to USDT by adjusting the ratio of the participation period through the swap system when the users are retrieving their invested funds
The DBX Platform suits the taste of traders, and investors by providing a variety of services.
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